Wheely Impressed with Summit Express

  • December 4, 2014

This week we had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Val, our rep with Summit Express, for some BLTs and chit-chat. Surprisingly, Sarah and I forgot to ask Val if she is a fan of the Walking Dead. Because Sarah and I? Are apocalypse obsessed. Just ask Joel at Charter Sports who stops by rather often to talk about skis.  And zombies.

I’m sure Brigitte and Kate were relieved.

Ahem, where was I?  Ah, yes.  BLTs.  And the awesome Val.  Seriously?  Val is great.  And we all had nice chit-chat, lack of apocalypse plan discussion notwithstanding.

Oftentimes folks don’t want to deal with the hassle of driving from DIA to Breckenridge, especially in winter weather.  Summit Express is the perfect solution.  Because, well, because that’s exactly what they do!  But that’s not the only reason we recommend them.  We recommend them because we love them.  What we love about them is that they’re real people.  Real people that really care.  Which is the sort of company we try to be and the sort of companies we make a point to work with.

And, seeing as we’re a company that really cares…we bent the rules about using vacation time during season and sent Sarah packing to Florida to meet her adorable little nephew for the first time and for his first birthday!  Because we love her and oh my goodness does that boy have the cutest cheeks ever.  Go!  Squeeze!  Yay!

However, we did make sure that Sarah had a little work to do at the start of her sojourn.  Which began aboard Summit Express.  She had to live-text her Summit Express trip.  I mean, we couldn’t just ignore the opportunity for real first-hand experience.

And here, folks, is Sarah’s Summit Express text-review:

“So far so good.  Jerry grabbed my bag.  Super nice Mercedes-Benz, too.”

“A local of the last 21 years.  An architect that works from home.  Picked this job up part time this summer to get out of the house and meet people.  Very nice driver.  Likes working for the company.  :)”

“This thing is massive!  Seating for 14.  Tall enough that I could stand up without knocking my noggin.”



“Napped like a baby the whole way down.  Made it safe and sound.  Yay Jerry and Summit Express!”

So, there you have it.  Summit Express is the way to go.  Sarah says so!

If you are looking for a ride to the airport look no further.  Follow this link to Summit Express so they’ll know you’re our guest and will discount you appropriately.

And, Sarah dear, enjoy that beautiful, little boy but I will anxiously await your homecoming.  I miss my apocalypse planning partner in crime already!


(Pssst…if you ever wonder who I’m talking about, Meet the Team!)