Well It’s A-Blog Time…

  • October 12, 2013

Greetings and Salutations!

I figure an introduction is appropriate for our very first bloggy post here on our very brand new website, so let’s start there.  My name is Teresa Zube, but most folks around here call me Zube.   I worked at the Wedgewood Lodge for eight years from 2002 – 2010 as Group Sales and Marketing Manager before I decided to take a two-year hiatus to try my hand at being a Stay-at-Home-Mom.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the two years I spent wrestling socks onto indignant small people and insisting we were going somewhere to younguns who had no intention of going ANYWHERE EVER if it required the donning of shoes, soon the time came for me to discuss budgetary concerns and public relations in non-monolague style with real, live grown-ups again.  I am, however, eternally grateful to the stacks of freshly dried towels (*cough* piles of unlaundered towels *cough*) for listening so intently as I subjected them to my musings over that two-year period in the interest of keeping myself sanguine through endless episodes of The Wonder Pets and yet another round of, “WHY do you guys always put Mommy’s toothbrush in the dog’s dish?!”

The time came for my re-entry into the workforce.  After a brief stint selling doors (not door-to-door) I was absolutely THRILLED when I learned my old position at the Wedgewood Lodge had opened up.  I leapt at the opportunity to once again stomp in my old stomping-grounds.  This company truly is a great employer, all the stomping notwithstanding.  The General Manager, Brigitte Rath, couldn’t agree more.  She also returned last year after her own hiatus.  They can’t keep us away!

December of 2012 found me back in my old gig.  Shortly after my return, conversation emerged about creating a company blog.  You see, it is no secret that I have a hankering for the written word (seriously, you should see my e-mails!) and as the resident wordsmith, we thought it might be fun to share our little slice of Breckenridge with guests and visitors.  (I have a sneaking suspicion my co-workers may have been oozing with encouragement of this project in the hopes the writing outlet might shorten my work e-mails, but this has yet to be confirmed!)

Ten months and an entirely new website later (NEWS FLASH! It would seem I am a finicky writer…I didn’t feel ‘at home’ on our old site and it hindered my writing…On another note, if you’d like to see the beret I wear when I’m looking thoughtful, just ask…) here we are!  A blog is born.

And I’m very excited about the birth of this little project (that does what I tell it to and has no idea where my toothbrush is).

We look forward to sharing all sorts of happenings with you here at our little home on the world wide web! There are always adventures to be had in Breckenridge and excellent food and frothy adult beverages to enjoy at the local eateries that we’d love to tell you about!

Perhaps you’ll even find an office antic or two here on occasion.  (It’d be tough to narrow our antics down to one or two, but…).  We’re always up to something!

We hope you’ll visit us soon!  If not here at the lodge, then here at our virtual hearth!  We are hoping that, just as our employees, we can’t keep you away either!  See you again, soon.