• August 3, 2014


Typically I spend my birthday whistling nonchalantly and pretending I don’t know what day it is.  Well, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past four or five years anyway.  That wasn’t the case this year.  This year I decided I wanted to start off the home stretch of my thirties with a big splash.

At the Wedgewood Lodge we work with Performance Tours and they give our guests a discount.  I contacted Kevin to book our trip and then spent the following two weeks riling my children into a feverish frenzy of excitement.  Because how else do you think Moms have fun?

On the big day, we headed down to Buena Vista.  We were due to take the Mild & Scenic trip since I love my little ones thrilled but safe.  The staff at Performance Tours suited us up appropriately, we loaded onto a shuttle and were off to start our adventure.

Zube and the little Zubes and Z Boyfriend...

Zube, Z Boyfriend, and the little Zubes…


Our raft guide, Addy, was a darling.  And I wouldn’t dare arm wrestle her.  Just sayin’.  The trip was an absolute blast.  But, verbose and lover of the mighty word as I am, I will admit there are times when a picture is worth a thousand words.  So I will share some of those with you…


Acknowledging our adoring fans lining the rivers edge to admire our adventurous spirit…


“Whee! Oh, and honey, I know you keep saying ‘He’s fine!’ but please tightly grip some part of my far too brave for his mother’s taste son!” Ahem.

Ooh, beautimous!

Ooh, beautimous!

All told we had an amazing time.  The Performance Tours staff is just lovely.  They’re engaging and funny and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend this trip for a family.  And it is so much easier to do so enthusiastically now that I’ve experienced it!  I especially encourage families with younger children (but they must be four and over 30 pounds) to spend a day on the water!  Why?  Well, here again I will let a picture speak a thousand words.

Nap Time. (Well, for the rowdy one anyway!)

Nap Time. (Well, for the rowdy one anyway!)

Oh, and in the middle of my two children…my other birthday present.  The kids named her Mombie.

Happy (My) Birthday to all, and to all a good night!