Small Town Living

  • November 7, 2014

In fifteen years I’ve yet to go to the Post Office or the City Market without running into someone I know. Generally the number of people I run into would seem to be in direct correlation with the lack of effort I put into looking presentable that day.  Naturally.  A good friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that she loves living in a town where, upon realizing she had forgotten her wallet, she continued grocery shopping confident she would run into someone she knew who would spot her the goods.  And, of course, she did.  I’ve had many similar experiences.  My children were attended many, many times while sleeping in the car as babies after a desperate search of the parking lot revealed a friend who’d keep an eye while I ran into the store.  You know what they say about sleeping babies.

I love small town living.  A quick drive around town waving at various friends passing in cars.  Or, more often than not, being chastised in jest, “Don’t you pay attention?  I passed you today and waved and you didn’t see me!”  Confession, my very best friend has had her car for two years and I finally, FINALLY know what it looks like.  It’s black with a pink Colorado license plate.  Um, I am not sure the make and model, though.  Ahem…

I’ve traveled to different ski areas for conferences and I admittedly dig on ski towns.  But one of the things I love about Breck is the small town feel.  And apparently, it’s not just the opinion of a local.

Breckenridge was voted No. 7 of American’s Favorite Small Towns, according to Travel & Leisure.

Oh, and yes to the people watching.  This town has it’s fair share of interesting folks…