Office Antics

Seeing Stars

  • November 26, 2013

Zube: All righty, let’s see who has to be nice to who in the office today.

*flipping to the horoscopes on the last page of the Summit Daily*

Zube: Nice!  Four star day for me!  Oh, Beth, you’re going to have a four star day, too!

Beth: Great.  So we don’t have to be nice to each other.

*Brigitte strolls in*

Zube: Brigitte, Brigitte, Libra.  Uh-oh.  Only three stars.  Beth, we have to be nice to Brigitte today.

Beth: We always have to be nice to Brigitte.  She’s the GM.

Zube: Heh.

This horoscope check?  Is a morning ritual.  Except on Sunday (which I have dubbed ‘No Horoscope Sunday’…Why, Summit Daily, Why?!)


Regardless what the Summit Daily indicates is in our stars, OR yours, it is our goal to ensure that our guests have a five star stay at the Wedgewood Lodge.

There is one thing we are adamant about around here and that is representing our product honestly.  We want our guests to have just the right expectations when they arrive and we hope to meet or exceed them.  Every once in a rare while we’ll have a potential guest call to make a reservation who has been misled by our five star rating on TripAdvisor.  To their minds, a five star hotel has luxury accommodations: bell-hop, valet, swan washcloths, and chocolates on pillows with evening turn-down.

We are not that variety of five star. Fortunately the confusion doesn’t happen often because reading through our reviews seems to give an accurate depiction of what we do, in fact, offer here.   Thankfully our reservations staff is under no pressure to ‘make the sale’ so we’re that seemingly rare breed of honest salesperson who’ll redirect someone for whom we’re not the right fit.

While bell-hop sounds like an apt description of the automated response our agents have to hearing the front desk bell ring, we are a very small company with limited staff.

What does make us five star worthy?  Most importantly?  We offer service with a smile.  And a blog post with a cliche.  But really, I’m not kidding about the smile.

Tonti Management, owner of the Wedgewood Lodge, is truly a great employer and as a result we’re all pretty darn happy here.  Why this matters to you?  Because it translates to your experience.  More than being genuinely confident in the value of our product and our honesty in representing it, we love where we work and where we live and we want you to feel the same way.

We do our best to go the extra mile.  There was the guest who borrowed Brigitte’s snow pants and another who borrowed my daughter’s ski jacket because they’d forgotten to pack their own.  Sarah lent a glove to someone who’d lost their other glove on the hill.  Jenna conspired with a guest to have a sweet surprise for his girlfriend upon checking into their room…


And let’s not forget the folks behind the scenes.  You’ve never seen a room inspection until you’ve seen Beth inspect a room.  On busy days I’ve accompanied her and by the time I’ve flushed the toilet and flicked the lights in the bathroom to make sure they work she’s, well, done pretty much everything else.  (Then she reflicks and reflushes to make sure I really did check them…I’m pretty sure she only brings me along for the company!)

We laugh a lot here, and we’ll laugh with you, too.  (And if Brigitte makes a joke that’s not funny, we’ll laugh anyway.  Because she’s the GM.  But you don’t have to!  Just a heads up!)

If you’re up for a chat, stop by.  We’re all pretty friendly.  Friendly and verbose.

If anything, we’ll read you your horoscope (unless it’s Sunday!)  But honestly?  We won’t tell you what some silly newspaper says is your day’s star rating.  We’ll wish you a five star day and do our best to ensure that you have one!