Ready for the Slopes?

  • November 27, 2018

Breckenridge Ski Resort is open! So you think you are ready for your skiing vacation – You bought your plane ticket, arranged for ground transportation to the resort with www.freshtracks.com, rented your condo at www.tonti.com, rented your skis at www.chartersports.com and bought your lift tickets. You are ready for “schussing” down that mountain! Or ARE you? Are you in shape to ski down the mountain in Breckenridge with an elevation of 12,998 feet? Here are some exercises for you so that you can get in shape for the ski season and avoid those “noodle legs”



Besides being in shape to enjoy your activities, your clothing and gear are equally as important. Being cold can seriously put a damper on your experience in high altitude and having the right gear will ensure you more time on the slopes than in the Lodge!
Base Layers: the key to every warm ski ensemble.
Mittens: get a pair of waterproof mittens and glove liners so your fingers stay warm. Pick up glove liners that allow you to tap away on your mobile device.
Ski Pants: waterproof is more important than style but they’ve gotten very stylish!
Ski Jacket: this is a MUST! Make sure this jacket is water- and wind-proof so you’ll stay dry even if you fall (which of course you wouldn’t) or if it’s snowing. Pick a bright color so that people can see you easily.
Fleece: bring 2! You can layer them over your base layer or wear one on its own as a jacket when you go to town.
Goggles: you want to make sure you can see, no matter what the conditions are on the mountain! They will also protect your eyes from snow, wind & sun.
Scarves: a great accessory to keep your neck warm and prevent the cold wind from blowing down your jacket. They are also a fun way to add color and style to your wardrobe.

See you on the slopes!