One Day at a Time

  • May 1, 2020

These are rather trying times! We have never experienced anything like this virus and the devastation it is having on so many.

We believe that especially during difficult times, it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves, our families and friends, and all the heroes in our communities. And there are many heroes that have emerged over the last few weeks. We need anything that is uplifting, and this song fits the bill.

We think it is important to connect with nature to find our inner self, especially now. There is beauty wherever you look in this amazing state where we live. We share a few pictures in the hopes they’ll make you feel hopeful for travel again.

“Perhaps the earth can teach us, as when everything seems dead and later proves to be alive.” Pablo Neruda
“Even after a forest fire, there’s this one flower, which still blooms, you have to be that flower.” Stuti Jaitly
“There is a saying in Tibetan: ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’ No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful the experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.” Dalai Lama
“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me,’Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Fred Rogers

We’ve heard stories about some businesses in our area that are making a difference. Cowboys and Daisies recently donated 44 boxes, containing 5000 pieces of clothing, hats and accessories to the Birthday Party Project. BPP is a nonprofit that organizes birthday celebrations for homeless youth around the county.

Melanzana in Leadville, a company usually specializing in creating awesome mountain clothing, is now making masks instead. Check them out on Facebook.

Broken Compass Brewery is making hand sanitizer. They also came up with the campaign “Beer it Forward” so we can all buy beer for our amazing health care workers and First Responders.

There are so many others who have come up with very creative ideas and we want you all to know how much we appreciate it. We leave you with some more pictures of nature – and we know, this too shall pass!

Be safe and stay healthy – the staff at the Wedgewood Lodge

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” Oprah Winfrey
“Life is a dance. Mindfulness is witnessing that dance.” Amit Ray
It might be stormy now, but rain doesn’t last forever.